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Before you arrive...

Review Menu, Dress Code & Policies

Encourage the entire party to visit to become familiar with the menu and SALT policies. Book your table online. We do not offer refunds on any booth rentals.


  • Balloons are permissible but must be tied down or affixed to a weight. 

  • Cakes can be brought in, and a member of our staff will store them.

  • No hangings or attachments to any walls.

  • No balloon arches or garlands.

  • No confetti (or any similar loose/small particle decor i.e. rhinestones, glitter, etc)


When you arrive...

Arrive on time & order

Since you showed up early, stop by our famous wall and take a quick pic for social media and see our hostess to be seated. We ask that your party place their drink and entree orders within the first 15 minutes to avoid running out of time. We respectfully ask that our guests only occupy the space for only the allotted reservation time.


While you're here...

Enjoy the meal & entertainment

SALT tries to curate your entertainment experience to your dining experience. Have a good time. Be respectful and share your experience. Instagram loves SALT so take advantage of the vibe and the views. 


See you next time...

Closeout and visit open areas

As your time comes to a close, please close out any open balances with your server to ensure the space is available for the next guest. You don't have to leave. Find some space at the bar, the patio, or in our hookah lounge. We love 5-star reviews and would appreciate hearing about your experiences on Google & Yelp.


SALT Bar & Bistro Rules

Our dress code is strictly enforced as follows:

Sunday-Thursday: “Comfortable Casual.”

Tennis shoes, ball caps, and work sets are permissible these days. NO SAGGING ALLOWED

Friday-Saturday: “Dress Casual”

No tennis shoes, athletic gear, ball caps, plain t-shirts, tank tops, flip flops, or PROVOCATIVE ATTIRE.


Dining Time:

​To remain mindful and accommodating to all our guests, a 1.5-hour dining time is strictly enforced during high volume times (Thursday-Sunday). Once the 1.5-hour dining time has expired, guests can patronize our friendly bar staff or continue the experience on our cozy patio.



​We do not have a space reserved for waiting customers. If added to a waitlist, customers are encouraged to return to their vehicles while awaiting table confirmation.



​Booths can be purchased online or in-house. Please check out “Buy Booth” for more information. We have a strict NO REFUND policy on booth reservations.


Our Furniture:

​Although we love to see you all have a great time, we ask that attending guests be mindful of our furniture and the traffic flow of our patrons and staff. Please do not stand on or move furniture or block aisles/walkways.

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